Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I register to bid?

Just click the “Sign up” icon in the upper right corner of the screen (if you are reading this from a mobile device, click on the top right menu and then you will find the "Sign up" icon). You will be asked to create a username, a password; after that you will need verify your email address. You’re ready to go!

How do I contact the seller?

You can contact the seller though the Seller Questions section that you find before the Comments section in each auction page. However, after the auction has closed we will not provide the seller’s info anymore. If you want to be notified whether a particular car shows up, sign up to receive our newsletter and be on the alert!

What is the buyer’s fee and how much is it?

Whenever you bid, we will place a temporary hold for 5% of the amount and in case your bid wins the auction, we will charge that 5% on your credit card. The smallest fee amounts to 500€ and the highest is capped at 5000€.

How do bid increments work?

The minimum bid increment is 100 EUR on the current bid.

How do I place a bid?

First, you must be registered, then you have to find a car that suits you and that you may want to buy. Then bid! Bidding is easy: just click on the "Bid now" icon on a listed vehicle; you’ll be then requested to enter a bid amount (which must obviously be higher than the current bid amount). Once you’ve submitted your bid, we’ll ask your bank for a pre-authorization on your credit card for 5% of your bid amount (i.e. the buyer’s fee), which will last until you are outbid or until the auction is over, in case you end as the highest bidder.

How do I complete the transaction when the auction ends?

Both seller and buyer will be given each other's personal information by the end of the auction, in order to complete the purchase.

Is there a reason to apply a hold on my credit card when bidding?

Well, there's always a chance that your bid could turn into the winning one, so we place a hold on your credit card to account for that possibility. The hold is for 5% of your starting bidding amount, going from 500€ to 5000€. Instead, if you don't succeed and you get outbid, the hold is released from your card as soon as the auction is closed.

What currency do you use?

All of the bids on Motor Heroes take place in Euros (€).


I want to sell a car, are you interested?

Awesome! We are interested in cars from any era and by any brand, but of course we would like some further information. Just go on Sell with us and follow the instructions.

Will I have to make the car available for viewings?

We ask all vendors to have the auction lot available for showings at least once during the auction period. We will liaise directly with the vendor (and, eventually, the users that have expressed interest in a viewing) to make sure this happens at a convenient time for everybody.

Can I withdraw my lot?

In general you cannot withdraw your lot until the auction is over. If you want to submit any modification or change, just email us at

What if the winning bidder does not close the transaction?

Given that it is extremely uncommon for a winning bidder to forfeit their 5% credit card fee (and face a permanent ban from Motor Heroes), if the buyer fails to meet the payment requirements, we’ll immediately find you the next-highest bidder (or bidders). Then, we will try to find an agreement upon a common price and, if we succeed, we get you in contact with them so that you can close the transaction with the new buyer. Otherwise we will be happy to re-list your car, of course free of charge, paying you half of the collected buyer’s fee after 90 days.

What kind of information do you require in order to list a car on Motor Heroes?

For us it is key to offer the most accurate information possible to our bidders. A representative of Motor Heroes will guide you in order to organise all the information you have available on the car - even the less enticing bits! - so we can build a realistic description of the car. Please note that Motor Heroes will not be liable to the buyers for misstatements or errors in the description of any car.

What happens if my car doesn’t sell?

There are some unlucky cases where we are not able to find a buyer for a car; in this case the seller is free to look for a buyer through other private or public channels. Of course we will provide any help we can to the seller even after the closing of an auction, including for example trying to gauge the interest of our customers in order to close a private transaction.

Can I modify my lot once it’s live?

No, you cannot autonomously make any change. During the entire duration of the auction, we will be connected with you so reach out to us and tell us what are the required modifications. Remember you can always add text details and additional pictures to enrich the appeal of the lot!

What happens if someone posts a negative comment about my auction lot?

We encourage users to give their opinion or suggestions about the auction lot, but of course all comments must be constructive and motivated, meaning there is no space on Motor Heroes for insults, denigratory statements or more broadly unpleasant comments. We keep an eye on the comment section of each auction lot, to make sure it stays a welcoming and friendly environment as it can be.

Can I set a minimum price for the auction, and refuse to sell it for anything less than that?

Of course you can select a minimum price (called the Reserve Price) for your auction, so that if the auction does not reach at least that value it will not be completed. The Reserve Price will be known only to the seller and Motor Heroes, and not to the bidders; they will only know that the auction is subject to a Reserve Price. The Reserve Price will be agreed upon in tandem with the Motor Heroes team, to make sure that it sets a reasonable expectation for both the seller and the bidders

Do I have to do anything after my auction goes live?

As soon as the auction goes live, all our registered bidders can make bids for your car, comment on the auction and ask questions to the seller; you should answer these questions in a timely manner, as they help all bidders increase their confidence to place a bid. In case many questions touch the same topic, the Motor Heroes team will try to collate or reorganise the questions and answers for the sake of readability and clarity.

Do I get to approve the auction listing before it goes live?

Yes. All information regarding your car, yourself and the pending auction will not be disclosed online until we receive your authorization.

Can I bid on my own auction lot?

On Motor Heroes we think fairness is one of the leading aspects of trading cars, as is transparency. That’s why we created this community to allow sellers to sell their cars and not to bid on their own. We also strongly forbid such toxic behaviour and we will keep on using all the instruments at our disposal to track down such misconducts.

What happens at the end of the auction if the auction lot sells?

We will apply a buyer’s fee equal to 5% of the bidding price that won the auction and it will be paid via the buyer’s card on file when the auction reaches its end. At this moment, we will send an email to buyers and sellers, containing each other’s personal information.

What is the process to list a car on Motor Heroes?

First go on Sell with us, and the system will either direct you to send us an email or to fill a form with some preliminary information about your car. We will then get back to you very quickly so you can tell us more about your vehicle. After this you will be in touch with a representative from Motor Heroes in order to collect all the additional information that we require in order to quickly prepare a description in order to list the car for auction. In case you want to email us directly, you can do so at

What payments method should I accept?

Even though Motor Heroes is not involved in the payment process post auction, we recommend wire transfers or cashier’s checks for payments.


Is there a cost to register with Motor Heroes?

No, it’s absolutely free! There is no cost to create your account on Motor Heroes.

What will the description of my car say?

The aim of the description is to highlight all the features of the car that make it interesting and valuable, and at the same time inform the buyers of known flaws or issues.

How can I change my username?

For policy reasons, we rarely accept username changes, but you can always email us at and provide us with a request and the reasons for asking for a modification; we’ll let you know!

Is there proxy bidding?

You can choose to place your bid as an autobid; in this case, you select the maximum amount you are willing to bid on the auction lot, and the system will automatically keep you as the highest bidder up until someone places a bid higher than your autobid.

How will I be contacted by Motor Heroes?

When the auction is won, we will get in touch with both parties (seller and highest bidder) via email or phone, depending on the saved preferences.

How can I change my password?

You can change it anytime by going to your Account and updating the information

What can I do in case I forget my password?

Just hit the “Login” button, top right corner of your screen, and click on “forgot your password?”. Then follow the instructions on the next pop-up panel.

Is an email address really necessary?

Unfortunately, it is. We need it to provide you notifications from your saved researches, from our team in case you listed a vehicle or simply to share it to the other party when you win an auction or sell your car.

In case I need help, how do I contact you?

You can keep in touch with us by email at, we’ll provide you the answers that you can’t always find here.

Is there any reserve price?

If a lot is offered without reserve, you’ll see a “No reserve” tag, with “No reserve” text panel close to the bidding area. When these tags are absent, the auction has a reserve price which will not be published, as we ask buyers to avoid asking sellers about pricing during the auction. You will know if your offer has reached the reserve price if the car sells when the auction is closed.

And if the reserve isn’t met?

It depends: when you’re the high bidder on a car whose reserve isn’t met, we’ll join forces with seller and buyer in an attempt to help all parties meet appropriate and suitable prices. If we’re able to do so, and you’re willing to pay what’s necessary to ensure you’ll end up with the car you desire, we’ll put both you and the buyer in contact.

Will you auction any vehicle you are offered?

We take the time to evaluate carefully every single offer for auction that we receive, so you can rest assured that your offer will be taken into consideration. After that, we select the offers to put to auction based on a number of factors in order to always have the best selection of cars for our members.

How do buyers and sellers get in touch when it comes to the payment?

Once the auction is over, the transaction takes place exclusively between seller and buyer. Motor Heroes provides both with each other’s info and the transaction takes place as they please.

Are there rules to follow in the comment area?

Of course! Remember that we should be talking about cars in a polite and enthusiastic way, focusing on prices and technical details. On Motor Heroes we will ensure this community remains as positive and respectful as possible and we will moderate accordingly everything that follows: bad language, personal information sharing attempts, misleading/non compliant images or descriptions, spamming, questions regarding the reserve price, displays of personal business and or/websites and/or social media profiles, etc., talking about other vehicles or topics unrelated to the offered lot, inappropriate links/images/general content, foreign sale ads