Buying and selling an enthusiast car should be a great experience - just like owning one.

We are enthusiasts ourselves, and we know that it's almost never like that. Finding the car you're looking for means looking at countless listings on so many portals, and it's unbearably hard to understand the conditions of the car - maybe its hundreds of kilometers away from you, and arranging a visit is difficult!

So we created Motor Heroes.

Motor Heroes is the leading European auction platform to buy and sell enthusiast cars - and by that we mean all the cars that are cool, quirky or noteworthy from the 60s to today - with a carefully curated selection on offer and a detailed description of all the info that matters and you want (wear, maintenance status, special equipment, etc.).

What cars are interesting for us? Besides the obvious answers (think Ferrari F355, or Alfa Romeo Spider), on Motor Heroes you'll find more exotic stuff (a Fiat 126 Moretti MiniMaxi maybe, or a Daihatsu Cuore Avanzato!) all the way to the classic, evergreen models that enthusiasts love and adore (Porsche 911 or Mazda MX-5).

We are revolutionizing how people buy and sell enthusiast cars.

Only enthusiast cars: we vet and select what is on offer, not the owners or sellers. You'll find only really interesting cars!

The lowest commissions: we only charge 5% of the value of the winning bid, much less than our competition (listings websites and auction houses).

We - not the seller! - describe and render the cars in detail: No bad surprises when you'll see your new car in the flash.

Top visibility for your car: our social media platforms are followed by thousands of enthusiasts, and we will create tailored editorial content on your car together with our many enthuiast friends, so as to reach the largest audience possible and help sell the car.

It won't take months to sell your car: our auctions are one week long, and we take consignment of your car within days from your inquiry.

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